The God Of High School commun Episode 10

Episode 10 Release Date

Episode 10 of The God of High School anime will be released on Monday, September 7, at 7:30, am PDT. The title for the next episode has not been revealed yet.

In the next episode, we will likely see further matches in the finals, as new characters from Nox will be introduced.

2. Episode 10 Preview & Predictions

The God of high school episode 10 preview

Episode 10 Preview

With a terrific fight that had literal goosebumps forming on our arms, Mori’s original Blue Dragon and Twin Blue Dragon Kicks concluded episode 9 on a high note.

What will happen in the next episode? Let’s find out!

I. Episode 10 Predictions

The word ‘Key’ has been repeated quite a few times in the series, and we might finally get to know what exactly it is in the next episode.

Furthermore, we will see the next match-ups and fights with the Seoul team participating in one of them.

It will not be as action-packed as the last episode, as there will be quite a lot of dialogues fit into it for the sake of plot progression.

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II. Episode 10 Spoilers

Episode 10 will likely cover chapters 69 to 76 of the Season 2 of God of High School webtoon. It will be action-packed, and there are three events that will likely happen.

The God Of High School

commun Episode 10