Learn Finnish by listening by voice


How to Learn English by Listening (And Finally Understand English Speakers!)

When you learn English by listening, you can understand crazy things like this:

Unnerstandin’English’skindahardsometimes, yaknowhaddamean?

Did you get that?

It’s just the way that a native English speaker might say the phrase “Understanding English is kind of hard sometimes, you know what I mean?”

If you didn’t understand that at first, don’t worry.

A lot of English speakers talk fast and blend their words together.

Not even the best books to learn English can prepare your ears for this!

Luckily, I’m here to help you learn English by listening so that even the quickest, most confusing English speech becomes easy for you.

First we’ll explore the importance of English listening, then we’ll share some tips to practice listening effectively.

To wrap things up, we’ll see how to put these tips into action with a variety of audio resources to learn English by listening 

here, with sound and image