Black Clover Episode 144

Black Clover Season 1 Episode 144

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Title : Black Clover

Episode Title : Episode 144 

Release Date : Jun 2020

Runtime : 60 minutes

Genres : Action & Adventure, Animation, Comedy

Networks : TV Tokyo

Asta and Yuno are two orphans who want the same thing: to become the Wizard King. Locked in a friendly rivalry, they work hard towards their goal. While Yuno excels at magic, Asta has a problem uncommon in this world: he has no powers! But, on the day they receive their grimoires, they surprise everyone. To reach their goal, they’ll each find their own path to greatness—with or without magic..

Black Clover Episode 144 is titled, “Those who wish for the Devil’s Demise”. The episode will be covering up the continuation of the events around the Devil Banishers. However, to me, it seems the actual arc is based on some hidden agenda within the Clover Kingdom, making the main antagonist of this arc using the group to havoc chaos.

Black Clover Episode 144