The five second rule

Book’s extract :

Five seconds are enough to make a decision that will change your life, this is essentially what Mel Robbins assures in his book « The 5 second rule ».

« A moment of courage can change a day. A day can change a life. A life can change the world », we can read in the preamble to The 5 second rule (published in 2018 by Leduc.s.). Former American lawyer, now radio and TV host Mel Robbins tells in her book how she discovered this « five second method » for making a decision and how its application has changed the course of her life but also that of people to whom she made him discover.

Mel Robbins says it is a method to « regain self-confidence; stop doubting and procrastinating; fight your fears; stop stressing, worrying and living happier, and finally have the courage to share and defend your ideas. «